NZB Matrix Best Alternatives 2013

NZBMatrix Alternative

We know exactly what you looking for, downloads sorted in sub-categories, quality NZB files getting indexed by the minute, comments regarding quality on most downloads and a lot more features that NZB Matrix had to offer.

NZB Matrix was one of those websites that we visited every single day, and we have been looking for the best alternative ever since they shut down. We never knew it was going to be such a task to find the perfect NZB Matrix replacement, but we managed to get a decent sized list together.

We created a NZB search website list that you can find right here. This list is still being updated and each potential NZB Matrix alternative will be added, and a bunch of other options as well. Feel free to comment or email us if you have more websites to add, both on this article and the NZB Search page.

While usenet has been going under the DMCA radar for years now, they are finally catching up and several NZB websites are closing down because of it. This is also causing for a lot of NZB Websites that potentially could replace NZB Matrix to become private, and this is making it even harder for the general Usenet user to find a good website.

On the NZB Search list we mentioned above we are also listing private NZB Websites that deserve a spot in your Download Bookmarks, getting a invite however is something we can’t help you with. We recommend you to get a bit more creative and search forums for users that are already on that website. You can also email the owner and find the perfect mix of words to get yourself a account.

If you are the proud owner of a potential NZB Matrix you can always contact us and we will promote your website on the list. Make sure you nail the sub-categories!

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